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Step by Step: Painting a Portrait

by Allison Alexandra


Thank you for your interest in the new Step by Step Portrait Painting section. Its purpose is to educate and enlighten people who typically say “How did you do that?

On this page, you will find links to a series of portrait studies. Each is a synopsis of the involved process of Painting a Portrait. Feel free to browse through these links by clicking on the title or image.

My intent was to realistically capture a likeness. A painting allows an artist to make improvements and add a special quality that may not be easy to create with a photo alone. Often, modifying the original reference scene brings about some
wonderful enhancements.

Special thanks to all of the wonderful subjects who were able to sit for a portrait.


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Linda - Final

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Male Portrait One

Female Portrait One, Rose Ann

Female Portrait Two, Linda Ahearn

Female Portrait Three, Donna Bird

Male Portrait Two, Dr. James Dalen

Female Portrait Four, Diane Loving

Female Portrait Five, Paula Morrison


Dr. Dalen